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Everydaychant conference is helping me a lot in my daily life and improve my chanting.

Shilpa, Chicago

I love to chant with the devotees in the morning.It gives me lots of spiritual energy for the whole day. Thanks a lot, ys, Hayasya dasa(acbsp) Prabhupada’s disciple live in Miami Fl Usa for the last 30 years in the Hk for 38 years., Miami fl Usa

Hayasya dasa(acbsp)

Chanting early in the morning with so many devotees around the US fills me with immense enthusiasm to chant sincerely..Association of devotees helps me in concentrating more on hearing..Even if my mind deviates away from hearing ,loud chanting of other devotees brings it back and reminds me that you have invited KRISHNA by chanting his […]

Radhikalila Devidasi servant, Houston,Texas

Chanting Hare Krishna every morning with all sincere devotees on call bestows immense spiritual strength to face day to day activities. It clears all doubts and provide opportunity to hear all sincere devotees. By the mercy of Guru and Gauranga I have been able to chant everyday since 1997. This has helped me to keep […]

Vrindapati Das IT Consultant, Bloomington IL

Chanting God’s name is the most important act one can perform in his life, infact life is meant to do this. The secret to meet and see God is chanting His name. Acharyas explain anyone who is most fortunate, most lucky, most intelligent and serious of going back to Godhead in this lifetime itself chant […]
Vrindapati Das Sr. IT Consultant, Bloomington IL USA

Chanting Hare Krishna every morning fills me up with excitement, confidence and energy. I have been doing chanting every morning for almost 21 years now. This has helped me to tackle many of the life’s challenges with ease. I have a better consciousness throughout the day and I am able to manage my businesses in […]

Adiguru dasa

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