About Us


We have been teaching meditation for last 17 years in the states. We are now a large group of Meditation practitioners who take meditation seriously. Our corporate and personalized sessions have helped companies & individuals becoming more productive & efficient.


Our FREE telephone based daily meditation conference enables thousands to meditate in the morning before they go to work. If we missed our sessions in the morning, then, we can complete that during the next Meditation session through this virtual association. We have members joining from Charlotte NC,  Houston TX, Dallas TX, Austin TX, San Diego CA, San Jose CA, Chicago IL, Alabama, Florida, Washington DC, Atlanta GA, Philadelphia PA, all over the USA and many more places internationally! Please join our whatsapp groups to get regular updates. Two sessions are free everyday. But there are many specialized sessions that you can pay as a donation to join.

Chanting on our personal beads is the most powerful way for us to connect with with ourselves and also with Krishna or God. Please participate and give us your valuable association.

Morning Session: Japa tele-conference every day between 5:40AM – 7:20AM EST. A Srimad Bhagavatam class follows this session from 7:20 AM.

Evening Session: We have daily Bhagavad Gita sessions in the evening at 8PM EST / 5PM EST followed by a 7 minute Harinam Meditation

Conference Dial In: +1 515 606 5320; Passcode: 951546#

Join from Computer from anywhere : https://join.freeconferencecall.com/everydaychant

Listen to our recording here.

How to participate in our FREE virtual programs in the morning and evening:

  1. Please sit in front of your Home Altar (Photo or Deity)
  2. Please keep your phone unmuted and on speaker when you are chanting near the phone.
  3. Please mute your phone if you won’t be chanting
  4. Chant loudly and as clearly as possible so that others can hear you.
  5. When the philosophy talk/discussion starts, please mute your phone.

Note: In all our sessions children are welcome. Parents are advised to supervise their children so that other devotees do not get disturbed. There is special attention and encouragement given to children when they join.

Mantra Meditation helps us to control our mind and senses. Chant and be happy.

We are registered as a religious non-profit – Sattology Everyday Chant Inc. All donations to us are tax exempt.