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Meditation on Bhagawan Ram

Return of Bhagawan Ram to Ayodhya was celebrated by each home in Ayodhya by burning Ghee lamps and fire crackers.
Bhagavan Ram was known to all saintly people as an incarnation of Vishnu or Hari.


Every home distributed sweets to their neighbors and prayed for their well-being. Nobody was left hungry or without new clothes. The merchants gave part of their profits to their employees. The artisans decorated the city of Ayodhya with festoons and colorful flags. The educated Brahmins prayed for the welfare of all residents of Ayodhya and also universe. Children enacted plays on Bhagawan Ramachandra’s life. The warriors told children stories of Bhagawan Ram’s fight with Ravana and the army of monkeys. Residents of Ayodhya surrounded Hanumanji to hear about his interactions with Ramachandra and Laxman. Maharishi Vashishta and Maharshi Vishwamitra told children discussed glories of Ramachandra with other saintly people. Tool makers made special commemorative tools for the occasion and distributed them for free for the residents of Ayodhya. Sweet makers distributed sweets for free for the residents of Ayodhya. Couples named their newborn babies after Ram, Laxman, Sita and Hanuman. Armies names their new divisions on Ram, Laxman and Sita. There was no home unlit by festive divas (ghee lamps) and other colorful decorations inside and outside their homes. Every single Home was resounding with Vedic mantras to celebrate the homecoming of Bhagawan Ram. Maharaja Bharat opened new temples for worship of Rama Chandra.


When Bhagawan Rama Chandra came on the gates of Ayodhya, all sections of society came to the doors of the city to welcome Him. The crowd was so large that it was difficult for the city officials to control the crowd. When the pushpak Viman of Bhagawan Eam landed outside the city, the whole town reverberated with the sounds of Jai Shri Ram. The tumultuous sound was so high it apparently reached heavenly kingdoms. All neighboring cities also reverberated with sounds of Jai Shri Ram. All farm animals and domesticated cows were also decorated with festive colors and gold. The horns of cows and bulls were mended with gold and other expensive jewels. The city state of Ayodhya pardoned all Taxes for one year and distributed jewels and sweets to all residents. The city of Ayodhya paid advance salaries to all government officials and military personnel. Bhagawan Ram himself distributed cows and jewellery to all saintly people in the state. All residents of Ayodhya State loved Ram from the bottom of their hearts. There was not a single eye in the state of Ayodhya that was not wet with happiness. Every section of the society of Ayodhya welcomed Bhagawan Ram in their hearts, homes and their minds



Bhagavan Ram was known to all saintly people as an incarnation of Vishnu or Hari. The birth of Ramachandra was divine and was already predicted in all Vedic literatures. Parshuram, Vashishtha and Vishvamitra confirmed His divinity to all humanity for all times to come. Bhagavan Ram was known to be the most Gentle, kind-hearted and chivalrous prince. Every citizen of Ayodhya trusted Him For everything. Dasharath, His father knew His popularity. Ram was the beloved prince of all on account of His personal qualities. Bhagawan Ram was very careful with words. He spoke in a measured way. His words were pleasing to All. He spoke in a deep voice to soothe the minds of millions.



Bhagawan Ram was real and a historical personality. He was not a Mythological personality as most Indians are made to believe. Bhagwan Ram was well educated in all 64 arts mentioned in Vedas. He was an unparalleled Military organizer and a knower of powerful weapon systems. He was an expert archer. He is known for one arrow, one target. Bhagawan Ram was an expert on Arthashastra and a social reformer. He used innovative ways to help the citizens of Ayodhya. Ravana’s Army was the most powerful army on the planet. Ramachandra had no army to match. He arranged the army of monkeys to kill the mighty Ravana. Bhagawan Ram has a toned body because he loved Vyayayam.

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